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Life of a Garden State Girl

Among other things...

21 May
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[who i am]

name: sarah
age: 30
marital status: married
occupation: instructional designer
paramus catholic high school '05
quinnipiac university '08 | b.a. in theatre and performance
montclair state university '10 | m.a. in production and stage management
quinnipiac university '16 | m.s. in instructional design
astrological sign: taurus/gemini
special skills: designing webpages, playing with microsoft office, editing in photoshop, being on the internet 24/7, acting in musicals and dramas, singing what comes on my i-pod, pretending i know how to dance, stage management, being a book nerd, snuggling my husband, giving people advice i don't necessarily follow for my own good, writing when i have the muse on my side, trying to remember to update my livejournal, spending all my time on facebook and myspace, exploring new technologies, watching my favorite movies, the list goes on...

[what i love]

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[where to find me]

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